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To stick with the superlatives: they involve 3,226 historically valuable black-and-white prints of locomotives and railway carriages from Egypt, Africa, France, Great Britain, India, the Netherlands, Scandinavia or North America dating from around 1860 to 1960.

The collection bears the image code string Ans_05373. Some photographs have already been described in more detail; others are filed in the Do you know more? Railways + vehicles category.

We are on the lookout for the following expert knowledge

What we’d like really to know now: the manufacturer’s name, railway company, train type, classification and number, wheel arrangement, possible name, designer, construction years, period in use and the date the photographs were taken.

A small representative selection of photographs

A large number of factory photographs, such as of the locomotive factories belonging to the Neilson and Company in Glasgow or their successor North British Locomotive Company, are available.

Neilson and Company Glasgow E804, Emu Bay Railway F-Class

Stuart, J. Neilson and Company Glasgow E804, Emu Bay Railway, F-Class, ca. 1900-1910 (Ans_05373-2939, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000905029)

The two men in the picture are less typical of the factory photographs.

North British Locomotive Company Glasgow (NBL) L734, no. 22587,

North British Locomotive Company Glasgow (NBL) L734, no. 22587, Great Northern Railway (GNR) 1731, 1920 (Ans_05373-3146-FL, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000907691)

These enchanting shots depicting staff in their “natural” environment, the train shed, are also fairly rare.

Chemins de fer du Nord (NORD) 2.422

Chemins de fer du Nord (NORD) 2.422, 1890-1900 (Ans_05373-0130, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000102937)

The same goes here.

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Steam locomotive, 77

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (L&YR) 77, 77, 1890-1900 (Ans_05373-0498, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000103303)

Klasse F der South Eastern Railway, Design Stirling, erbaut 1883-1898 in 88 Exemplaren, wobei mit der Zeit diverse Bauartänderungen einflossen, 8 Maschinen kamen noch zu den British Railways, wurden aber bald ausgemustert

South Eastern Railway (SER), Klasse F, 166, Design Stirling, 1890-1900 (Ans_05373-0464, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000103269)

There are also some curiosities, as the next three photos just go to show.

Neilson and Company Glasgow E545, no. 2875

Neilson and Company Glasgow E545, no. 2875, 1883 (Neilson and Company Glasgow E545, no. 2875, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000104058)

Neilson and Company Glasgow E624, no. 3754, Russell & Spence Rai

Neilson and Company Glasgow E624, no. 3754, Russell & Spence Railway, 1887 (Ans_05373-1427-FL, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000104164)

Anton Heer has already made an attempt at this untitled photo: “A fascinating rail vehicle! It might be part of a measuring or test facility.”

Ohne Titel

Untitled, 1890-1900 (Ans_05373-2541-FL, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000105262

There are also two group portraits to finish on.

Baldwin Locomotive Works Philadelphia (BLW) 1840

Baldwin Locomotive Works Philadelphia (BLW) 1840 (Ans_05373-2700, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000105420)


North British Locomotive Company Glasgow (NBL) L566, class MC1, no. 20450 South African Railway 1642, 1913 (Ans_05373-1549-FL, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000104283)

How can you get involved?

Is this the first time you’ve visited this blog? Would you like to share your knowledge with us, but don’t know how? Then read the first few points in the rubric Participate. Or click on the DOI link in the caption if you would like to add information on a particular photograph from the blog entry directly on E-Pics. You can save us a lot of hard graft if you word your emails as follows: Joe Bloggs: Fraumünster Church in Zurich

Photographs that have just been uploaded are presented in the category New images, which can be found under Categories in the left-hand menu navigation. There are currently three sub-categories: views and postcards, Comet reports, and aerial photographs. We will leave the new photos in the category for around a month.

Complete image information

Unknown: Great Eastern Railway (GER), E4, 433, 1900-1910 (Ans_05373-0355, http://doi.org/10.3932/ethz-a-000103161)

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DOI Link: https://doi.org/10.35016/ethz-cs-2720-en

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