British railway tunnels – slightly bewildering for non-train buffs

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The large railway collection recently showcased here (Ans_05373) features 37 head-on views of British railway tunnels. A lovely series of photographs. But a bit odd if you aren’t interested in railways, perhaps. All the same, the industrial photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher immediately spring to mind.

The 37 digitised images all follow the same pattern: a head-on view of the railway tunnel from outside, sometimes with the camera positioned side-on to the railway line. Very little of the surrounding area is visible, which makes the photos tricky to pinpoint. Only the shape of the tunnel, its bow, whether it’s round or square, whether there are two tunnels etc. offer any clues as to its geographic location.

Our anonymous activist has already managed to identify two of the ten tunnels yet to be located. The remaining 27 photographs were already labelled. The cover picture features Beechwood (East) between Tile Hill and Berkswell, 292yds, Warwickshire, which was constructed for the London & Birmingham Railway (L&BR). The other picture is of Primrose Hill Tunnel, east portal, on the London and North Western Railway (LNWR).

Eight tunnels not yet identified

The following eight untitled tunnel photographs still need to be identified. Update on August 10: still 6 tunnels not yet identified. Two were identified (see captions below).

Ohne Titel

Penmaenhead/Penmaenrhos/Penmaen-Rhôs (West), Old Colwyn, 485 yds., London and North Western Railway (L&NWR) (Ans_05373-2797,

Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel


Ohne Titel

Fox’s Wood no. 3 (West), Conham near Bristol, 1017 yds., Great Western Railway (GWR) (Ans_05373-2768,

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Complete image information

Unbekannt: Beechwood (East) between Tile Hill and Berkswell, 292yds., Warwickshire, built by the London & Birmigham Railway (L&BR). [Eisenbahnen und Lokomotiven. Eisenbahntunnel]. Sammlung mit 46 Bildern (Auswahl digitalisiert), ca. 1910-1920 (Ans_05373-2788,

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